Because our rooms are over 3 meters in height, you will feel the spacious atmosphere right at your arrival. Our rooms are redecorated in the spring/summer of 2018.
Newly placed air conditioners. New beds, and linen, to name a few.
Our beds
 In all our rooms we use king size beds with antibacterial innerspring mattresses with an extra pillow top layer made of materials that seriously inhibit the growth of bacteria.
 It is designed to provide you with a cleaner, healthier and amazing good sleeping experience.
The Samsung Air Conditioner we installed in your room have an unique triangular design which improves its performance, circulating cool air faster, farther and wider around your room.
 Its Digital Inverter also provides significantly greater energy efficiency.
We also made sure there are power supply units in your room to charge your mobile, laptop and any other equipment.

Our bath rooms

are equipped with a power shower for a refreshing shower experience.

The Mitsubishi turbo water pump we installed in our building is a Long-lasting eco-friendly water pump that reliably delivers water at the desired pressures required to fulfill the demands of today’s modern lifestyle.
 The temperature of the water can be regulated So our guests can enjoy an excellent turbo water pressure shower in the enclosed private walk in bathrooms.
Amenities bathroom:
Hand soap and towels
Room features
  • refrigerator
  • Air conditioner
  • Water boiler , coffee tea plate
  • Power supply units to recharge your equipment